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How to write a Persuasive Essay

Persuasive idea is the one, which is written in a manner that the writer can convince the reader about a particular idea or view mainly the one the writer believes in. Persuasive writing involves presenting arguments based on emotion or opinion. Persuasive essay topics always include the keywords, which emphasizes in providing writer’s opinion such as personal observations and experiences. The persuasive essay examples always highlight the personal views and experiences on the topic chosen.

Outline of the Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essay outline includes introduction, main body and conclusion. The persuasive essay topic chosen by the writer should be researched on carefully and the writer should choose his/her stand and also gather convincing evidence for his view against the topic. The introduction should include an overview of the argument to be presented by the writer and should end with a thesis statement to reveal the stand based on which the writer would convince the readers about his views and opinions. The main body, which follows the introduction should focus on each element of the topic and provide sufficient evidence on each of the elements and should start in a new paragraph. The writer should ensure that enough evidence is present against each argument or opinion. The main body should also have a paragraph of the opposing view and explain and discuss the key points of opposing view. The concluding part should restate and reinforce the thesis and provide the supporting evidence about the view presented by the writer on the chosen topic.

Content and Style

Persuasive essay should be effectively drafted by introducing the topic in a clear and concise manner. The thesis statement should provide the clear information about the writer’s perspective. In the main body each point should be structured such that every point presented by the writer should start in new paragraph and writer should draw comparison and illustrate the topic with hypothetical situation. The essay should be revised and reorganized so that the readers have a clear understanding of the writer’s stand. The persuasive essay should be proof read and the grammar should be corrected. The flow of the main body should be effective wherein the last sentence of each paragraph in the main body should be used to transit to the next paragraph, which will help in keeping smooth flow of information. The written essay should be re-read by the writer and should ensure that the transitions are effectively made and should make required changes in the flow of information, evidences and arguments so that the essay would be able to persuade the readers to act in either way. The writer throughout the essay should maintain one stand and not switch the sides, which helps the reader to understand the views and opinions of the writer more effectively. The writer’s argument should provide sound reasoning and evidence by providing facts, logical reasons, examples and providing some views of the experts. The writer should provide have adequate information about the topic and should provide legitimate sources from where relevant information is acquired to prove his/her views.

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