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Essay on Global Warming

Global Warming refers to the temperature increase of the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans, which would change Earth’s climate permanently. Global warming causes and effects are briefed in different essays, which include essay on global warming, essay on pollution, essay on environment, environmental pollution essay and air pollution essay. These essays analyze the causes and impact of the essay. Pollution and environmental damage due to industrialization has contributed to a great extent to global warming. Essay on pollution and environmental pollution essay explain the pollution level, its causes and how it has been influencing the change in Earth’s climate.

Causes of Global Warming

Global warming is caused mainly due to emission of greenhouse gases, which is emitted by deforestation, consumption of energies and burning of fossil fuels. This has increased over the recent years leading to increased greenhouse gases globally. The greenhouse gases are produced due to carbon dioxide emission, methane and water vapor. The deforestation wherein the trees are cut down drastically damaging the eco system and reducing the efficiency with which the trees used to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. The increase in the carbon dioxide is causing warming effect, which has continued to increase the temperature of the earth every year across the globe. The imbalance created by the humans has led to several incidents across the globe, which include floods, draught, cyclones, landslides etc. One of the other reason for change in the global climate is the increasing population across the globe, which has led to increase in industries and urbanization, use of advanced technology etc., which has led to increased carbon dioxide across the globe. The majority of the population uses technologies and facilities, which impacts the environment, which in turn warms the Earth to a great extent. The increasing use of coal, oil and gas across the globe has led to increased carbon emission, also deforestation further increases the existence of carbon dioxide. All these factors increase global temperatures, which ca cause rise in sea level. As a result many of the islands and cities near coastal area would submerge. There are efforts being made globally to control the greenhouse gas emission and overcome the challenges faced by the world.

Measures to Control Global Warming

Global warming can be controlled by planting more trees, which will help in recycling the carbon dioxide emitted through various activities. Also, the use of renewable energies can bring down the carbon emission and provide clean energy to the population across the globe. Global warming can be reduced by reducing the pollution and by increasing plantation across the globe. Effective changes in use of the energies and the work process in industries would help in addressing the global warming issue. It is a rising concern among all the countries in the world and the government is working closely with the environmental groups to find effective solution and replace some of the activities carried out, which directly impacts the environment and adds to the pollution. Global warming is thus a major concern among all the nations but requires increased commitment to make some drastic changes in the Earth’s climate.

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