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Example of Essays

Essays is the piece of one’s own writing on any particular subject and presents the writer’s own thoughts, beliefs and arguments. It includes information on the topic, arguments and critical analysis of the chosen topic. Some of the examples of essays include essay about myself, essay about my family, and essay about friendship, which involves writing about the personal views and experiences about learnings and experience in life, my relationship with my family and friends, what is valued in family and in friendship. The relationship among the family members and the friends should be discussed in the essay. An essay always has a specific structure, which includes introduction, main body and the conclusion. The essay on the personal life, experiences and relationships include information, which is exchanged between the members and also through the experiences.

General Essay Examples

Women Empowerment Essay: This essay would include the writers view on women empowerment providing the view of others as well as how much importance is given to it by various nations across the globe. The essay would include how the women have progressed in their personal and professional life and what impact does it have on the society.
Child Labor Essay: This essay would include the discussion of the existence of child labor across the globe and how it has been misused to serve the large industries. The impact of child labor in different nations would be discussed and how it is affecting the lives of the child and its family and how they are being exploited would be discussed.

Essay on Corruption: The essay on corruption would introduce the types of corruption in different nations and how the government is trying to reduce it through various laws and regulations and how the citizens as a responsibility are contributing to reduce corruption.

Terrorism Essay: Terrorism essay would discuss the terror attacks going on in different parts of the world, the cause and impact of the same on the nation and the citizens. The essay would include the reason behind increasing terrorism and he measures taken to control it by respective nations.

Globalization Essay: Globalization essay would include the growing significance of globalization and the changes it has brought in the way the nations carry out trade and the organizations in a nation carry out their businesses. The essay would analyze and discuss the changes in the economy, employment and progress of the country.

Essay on Education: The essay on education would include the importance of education in different parts of the world and its increasing significance. It would include brief about the education system and the efforts the nations put to provide good education facilities to its citizens.

The essays include opinions, arguments and the writer’s stand on the topic, which influences the reader’s thoughts and beliefs and can lead to bringing changes in their views and opinions about the topic.

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