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Tips for Creative Writing

Creative writing is the expression of thoughts, feelings and emotions in an imaginative and unique way. Creative writing is difficult for everyone to pursue unless one puts efforts to be creative in writing. It requires the writer to practice writing regularly on any topic and also read through articles, novels, paper etc. to gain knowledge about the presentation, vocabulary and expression of one’s ideas, feelings and emotions towards the chosen topic.

In academic writing the emphasis is given on creative writing, which can help the students develop their creative skills in expressing their feelings and thoughts towards the respective subject. Creative writing is an effective expression of an idea, experience or thought, which requires the writer to have enough information and view it from different perspectives.

Approach to Creative Writing

Creative writing can be developed by carrying out short exercises and express views and thoughts on some topics and emphasize on observation and information on the chosen topic. The writer should choose an appropriate time in the day when he/she can be more creative and are not carrying out multiple work since creative writing needs focus. The written work should be revised and edited few times so that the framing of the sentence and the expression of the thought is clear and can invoke similar emotions among the reader. The writer should practice on expressing a sentence or thought in a better manner rather than writing it as it is. The writer should enjoy writing the content rather than considering it as a work, which needs to be finished. Article writing is mainly creative writing wherein the writers express the information in a creative manner by highlighting the main idea or information about a certain topic using their creative writing skills to catch the attention of the readers over the information they are trying to communicate. Creative writing involves increased expression and hence to improve the way in which a topic is expressed one needs to constantly jot down any ideas or the smallest information about the topic whenever they find the information or whenever some ideas develop within the writer. Research papers also include creative writing since it expresses lot of information using different evidences and if not expressed creatively the reader might not understand the relevance of the research, its results and requires expression of the background of the research.
Creative writing should use extended metaphors. The creative writing readers are influenced by flow of the writing, which is very important to maintain along with the punctuations. Creative writing should include blend of complicated, powerful and simple sentences, which create a smooth and natural flow of the information making it interesting for the readers. Creative Writing should include interesting facts expressed in an effective manner, which makes the reader develop same emotions and this can be done by expressing the thoughts using the right words and phrases at the right place and not dragging the topic too long.
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