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Argumentative Essay Topics

An essay to be written on argumentative essay topics should have strong and convincing arguments concerned to the chosen topic. An argumentative essay allows the writer to express his/her views and support it using evidence and logic. In this type of essays writer uses different arguments to prove his/her point. Argumentative essay topics should be chosen such that it can be argued in support of a particular view. The topic can be chosen based on the information available and the interest of the writer. A good argumentative topic is centered at a debatable topic and should be focused and should not be a broad area. Few argumentative essay topics can include argument on whether animals can be used for scientific research, whether internet is too commercialized and many topics in various areas in business, education, medicine mass media, cell phones and its impact on humans: positive and negative etc. In these essay topics the writer argues with and against the topic but supports one of the sides based on his own opinion developed from his/her experiences, thoughts and beliefs.

Outline of the Argumentative Essay

The argumentative essay outline includes title, introduction, thesis statement, main body paragraph and conclusion. The title of the argument essay should grab the attention of the readers and should not be underlined or made bold. The introduction includes an effective introduction to the chosen topic, which briefs the positive and negative side of the topic and allows the writer to argue on it in the main body. The introduction is followed by thesis statement, which identifies the main argument and provides topics to discuss in the main body. The main body paragraph includes transition followed by the examples, which support the arguments made in the essay. The conclusion should summarize the main idea and rephrase the thesis sentences and draw conclusion over it. Argumentative essay examples provided in the book and online enable us to identify the approach to argue on a topic and the approach to proving one of the arguments right according to the writer. Argumentative essay topics enable the writer to think about the positive and negative side of a topic and based on the experience, examples and other’s opinions make an effective conclusion. Good debates on the chosen argumentative essay topics along with the arguments in it help in arising mixed feelings among the readers and influence them to support either the positive or negative side of the topic. Argumentative essay topics help the writer to view every topic from a critical view and not make any pre-conceived notion. These essays are a part of academic courses, which are part of the assignments, which aim to teach the students to learn to have a critical view about the topics or issues in all aspects of life.

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