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Analysis of Macroeconomic situation of Belgium

Number of Words : 3749

Number of References : 16


 Introduction 2
 Assessment 2
 Analysis 5
 Strengths 5
 Weaknesses and Challenges 8
 Internal Imbalances 9
 External Imbalances 12
 Policy 15
 Fiscal Policy 15
 Structural Improvement 16
 Accelerated Debt Reduction 17
 Allocation of fiscal consolidation efforts 18
 Consolidation of public finances 18
 Monetary Policy 18
 Conclusion 20
 References 22


The report discusses the macroeconomic situation of Belgium and its impact on the economic performance of the company. The report then analyzes the factors influencing the macroeconomic situation. In the end it discusses the monetary and fiscal policies, which has supported or put barriers in the economic growth.

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