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Essay on Tea Production process & Globalization

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  Scope of the essay
  Tea production
  Tea manufacturing – Withering, Rolling, Crushing, Tearing & Curling, Fermentation, Drying, Sorting & Packaging
  Influence of globalization on the production chain
  The influence of globalization on the Human Resource Management


Globalization, which the world is witnessing for the past two decades is changing the ways businesses are done. World is now called ‘flat’ in the business language, which means one can take the processes to almost anywhere in the world where cheaper resources needed for the process are available. Tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Tea manufacturing is one of the oldest manufacturing processes (Evans, 1992). Tea production has evolved over the centuries and generations, currently adopting the most advanced technologies in tea powder manufacturing. Globalization has had its effects on the tea industry too. Now tea is being manufactured where tea plants are grown naturally (Parker, 2004). The tea powder thus manufactured is exported to the consumption country where it is further processed and packaged as per the local needs of the country (Parker, 2004).. The essay aims to study the complete tea production and manufacturing cycle from growing tea crop to manufacturing the tea powder. The essay extends the understanding of production process to a global scale. There are two parts to this essay. The first part dwells on the production process of tea and the second part dwells on the globalization of tea industry. The essay also focuses on how globalization has influenced human resource management in the tea industry. The essay concludes with a few recommendations as to how local tea companies can survive in the face of increasing globalization.

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