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The report analysing the implementation of components such as project communication, project management information system, project integration and project life cycle using a real life example of Infosys and ACIC project

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Number of Words : 4106

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 1. Introduction 4
 2. Project Background 5
 3. Stakeholder Communications Management 6
 4. Project Management Information System 8
 5. Project Life Cycle 9
 6. Project Integration Management 11
 7. Project Monitoring and Change Control 13
 8. Project Closure 14
 9. Conclusion 16
 10. Recommendations 16
 11. References 18


Project communication, human resources planning, project management information system is all project components that contribute to the success of a project implementation. It is not sufficient if the project plan just included technicalities of execution and budgeting but it becomes important to bring together all the components of a project plan in a cohesive way. This calls for project integration. Project integration management is a group of processes that are required to effectively link various components of the project together. The various components of the projects could be developing project charter, developing initial scope of the project, developing project management plan, project execution, project control, change control etc. The report aims at understanding all these components of project by analyzing a commercial project management plan. The report tries to analyze the implementation of components such as project communication, project management information system, project integration and project life cycle of the sample project plan. The paper also tries to compare theoretical aspects of the above said project components with respect to the actual methods used in the project plan and tries to identify as to why certain components are omitted or included. Not all the project management plans require all the project components. The choice of the inclusion of project components varies depending upon the nature, duration and impact of the execution of the project on the organization. Another factor that determines as to whether or not all the components of a project plan are included or not is the complexity and hence the cost of the project. More the complexity of the project greater is the need for inclusion of all the available components of the project. The project under study is a web based application for an investment and real estate company to manage user accounts. The project was awarded to an Indian multinational company. The report finds the project plan developed by the Indian company Infosys for the development of a software application for an American company ACIC scoring well in the aspects of human resource planning, stakeholder communication plan, project integration and change plans. However, the report finds the need to ensure effective project monitoring by incorporating Project Management Information System or PMIS. The report recommends Infosys to incorporate Project Management Information System in its future projects.

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